Helix Mooring Systems In Florida, Georgia, The Southeast & Nearby Regions

Helix mooring systems bring unparalleled value to docks, marinas and shoreline developments. Helical anchors that screw into the earth are up to five times stronger than other mooring options. In fact, these screw piles are so dependable that boat owners in hurricane-prone regions often get insurance discounts for using helical moorings. You’d think helix moorings would be more expensive given their effectiveness compared to traditional systems, but in reality, they’re significantly less expensive despite their pound-for-pound advantages.

Helical mooring systems are also better for the environment. The screw piles displace far less dirt when they’re drilled into the ground, reducing costs and carbon footprints by minimizing the amount of soil needing to be hauled from job sites. Also, helical anchors don’t drag across the earth disrupting potentially sensitive ecosystems.

Helix mooring systems are highly recommended for marine structures including:

  • Floating docks
  • Bulkheads
  • Seawalls
  • Buoys
  • Pipelines
  • Fixed piers

These helical foundation systems also have many other benefits. They’re easier and faster to install, resulting in shorter project times and lower workforce costs. They’re also safer to install. When docks or marinas are dismantled or moved, helical mooring pipes are easily accessed and removed. For all of these reasons, more harbormasters and boat owners are turning to helical moorings for solutions to their marine construction needs. These systems are also being used in road, rail and various other infrastructure projects.

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