Solar Panel Mounting Foundations for Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama & the Southeast United States

Solar panel contractors know solar panel mounting foundations need to be solid, strong and durable. Considerable time and money can be saved when contractors use top quality helical piles manufactured by Patriot Foundation Systems in the foundation systems of their solar panel installations. Installation is easier and faster, because the piles are shorter and the concrete used in conventional driven piles or drilled shafts is not needed. You don’t have to wait for concrete to set and cure with our product; you can load as soon as you install the piles. In addition, our products can be installed in any weather including freezing temperatures and wet conditions.

In addition to solar panel mounting foundations, our helical piles, underpinnings and tieback systems are used in a variety of construction related projects including the following:

  • Residential basement repair
  • Foundations in new commercial construction
  • Industrial soil nailing
  • Utility industry pipelines
  • Communication industry tower foundations
  • Marine industry dock, pier and seawall construction

Our line of products are environmentally friendly, and state agencies have recommended using our helical anchors in environmentally sensitive marine locations, because they do not drag along the bottom of the water causing disruption to the ecosystem. Installation of our products in utility applications causes very little disturbance to the landscape. Additionally, our foundation systems products are easily removed from any application and recyclable.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as meeting the standard methods of production, production quality and factory management environment, while our product welding meets American Welding Society (AWS) standards. All of our products are galvanized and meet the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM) for hot-dip zinc coating.

Patriot Foundation Systems can get products to you quickly. 2-day delivery is available to businesses in the southeast United States. Contact a Patriot Foundation Systems specialist today for a quote on items for use in upcoming projects requiring solar panel mounting foundations and more in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and beyond.