1 1/2” Square Shafts, Leads & Extensions

Lead Configurations

12″ Helix – 7′ Lead

10″ and 12″ Helix – 7′ Lead

8″, 10″ and 12″ Helix – 7′ Lead

Extensions with Bolts

3′,5′ and 7′ Lengths


10″ Diameter

12″ Diameter


Concrete Slab Brackets

New Construction Caps

Patriot Foundation Systems’ 1 1/2” Square Shafts, Leads & Extensions are steel, screw-in piling and ground anchoring systems used for building deep foundations. Our clients use helical pile foundations due to the cost efficiencies and for the reduced environmental impact. The main benefits of helical foundations include shorter project times, ease of installation, reduction of the carbon footprint, ease of removal when the foundations are no longer required, reduced risk to the workforce, and reduced costs. They are suitable for a variety of projects including residential, commercial/industrial, utilities & telecom, and moorings.