Foundation Pile Manufacturer Serving Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi & Surrounding Regions

Patriot Foundation Systems is a Florida-based foundation pile manufacturer that provides a large selection of helical foundations and pilings, underpinnings, brackets, tie-back systems and much more. Our helical piles have the shape of a helix, or spiral, and are ideal for construction in areas that have unstable soil. Helical pilings, also known as screw piles or helical anchors, can be screwed deep underground, directly into load-bearing strata, making it a far superior foundation than more traditional methods.

What are some of the uses for helical anchors or screw piles?

  • Helical piles are wound into the ground like a screw into wood
  • They are useful for lighthouse, rail and telecommunications foundations
  • They have a reduced environmental impact and less soil displacement
  • Easier to install and remove when the foundation is no longer needed
  • Reduced cost and risk to your workers

Patriot Foundation Systems is a foundation pile manufacturer which manufactures, designs, distributes and supplies high strength piles throughout the US. Our facilities are ISO certified, and all of our welding is completed in accordance to specifications AWS D1.1. We also follow ASTM A123 standards for galvanization (hot-dip zinc coatings). In addition, every one of our products have been thoroughly tested in concurrence with ICC-ES AC356. Finally, we strictly adhere to a quality assurance program that is in compliance with AC304 and ICC-ES AC10.

Our company also offers helical anchors, extendable deep foundation systems constructed with helical bearing plates that are welded to a central steel shaft. We can also produce customized helical system designs to match your unique soil and load requirements.

We are proud to be the premier foundation pile manufacturer of choice for those in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and surrounding areas. Contact us today if you are in the market for competitively priced, high quality helical piling systems.