Helical Anchors In Florida, Georgia, The Southeast & Nearby Areas

Helical anchors, also known as helical pilings or screw piles, create durable, locked-in foundations on all kinds of terrain – even under water. Patriot Foundation Systems offers a number of helical anchors and accompanying products for residential, commercial, industrial and marine use. Helix foundations can anchor in place bridges, overpasses, solar panels, houses, docks, utility infrastructure, piers and more. Even better, these foundation systems are cost effective and easy to install when compared against other foundation options.

Helical foundation repair systems can also be used to reinforce failing foundations. Over time, traditional foundations in regions with high water tables or unstable soil are prone to sinking and shifting, which can cause problems such as uneven floors, cracks in plaster walls more gaps around doors and windows. Helical anchor and underpinning systems offer unmatched foundation support by extending down to where soil is more stable, creating a new foundation that is less likely to settle.

Consider these benefits of using helical anchors for your next foundation project:

  • The helical anchors come pre-engineered
  • Installable in any weather
  • Smaller work crews required
  • No waiting for concrete to dry
  • No need to dig out foundation
  • Resistant against corrosion

In addition to the above benefits, helical foundations and foundation repair systems are also environmentally friendly. Helical pilings displace very little dirt and reduce what needs to be hauled off site. These foundations are also less invasive in more sensitive ecosystems, especially when used in marine construction projects such as private docks and marinas.

Established more than 40 years ago, the company provides helical anchors, underpinnings and more to customers in Florida, Georgia, the southeast and in nearby cities. Whether you’re building new homes, pursuing shoreline developments or in need of foundation repair systems, the knowledgeable sales team at Patriot Foundation Systems can help you find the helical pile products you need. Contact Patriot Foundation Systems today and get a free quote for your next project.