Helical Pile Systems For Those In Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi & Throughout The US

Helical pile systems are required to construct stable, long-lasting foundations on many types of terrain. Patriot Foundation Systems, a top of the line foundation manufacturer, offers strong foundations systems for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We are based in Central Florida, but are ready to supply customers throughout the US and around the globe.

Helical piles consist of a central shaft with one or several bearing plates that are helix-shaped with a bracket allowing them to be attached to a structure. They are then screwed into the ground using torque. Also known as screw piles, helical anchors, helix piers, helical piers and helix anchors, these systems are used in both compression and tension load applications

What are some of the advantages of helical pile systems?

  • All-weather installation
  • Tight access area installation, using mini-excavators, backhoes, or hand-held equipment
  • Installation is vibration-free, as opposed to with driven piles
  • No disposal or hauling costs, since helical piles don’t augur earth to the surface
  • Can be used to support temporary structures, because they are easily removed afterwards
  • Foundation concrete ready to be poured immediately – no curing period is required

Helical piles are perfect for repairing residential basement walls that have been damaged by swelling soils. Our helical screw anchors will prevent your basement wall from movement and eliminate cracking, moisture and mildew issues. Our deep foundation systems are the choice of geotechnical firms, engineers, architects, contractors and builders. We’re the foundation pile manufacturer that provides high capacity piles/piers to stop cracking and settling of industrial and commercial structures.

Contact us today in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi or nationwide, if you are looking for top quality helical pile systems. Patriot Foundation Systems is a foundation pile manufacturer that operates on the principles of service, quality and integrity and looks forward to serving you.