Helical Piles In Florida, Georgia, The Southeast & Beyond

Helical piles create stable, long-lasting foundations on all kinds of terrain – and they’re incredibly cost-effective. Patriot Foundation Systems, a premier dealer of helix anchors, offers a wide range of solutions for home construction, commercial buildings, solar panel foundations, marina piers, private docks and more. No matter where you live, our company will work with our numerous drop-shipping partners to deliver the helical piling supplies you need.

Helical piles make for strong foundations because they’re screwed deep into the ground where the soil is more stable. Traditional foundations built on unstable ground will eventually shift, sink and crack, but screw pilings reach down far enough to achieve more permanent, anchored positions. Not only are helix anchors great for new foundations, but they can also reinforce older foundations and bolster warped basement walls.

Screw pilings are used in all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential construction applications. Some of the most popular uses for helix foundation systems include:

  • Shoreline homes, moorings and marinas
  • Towers and infrastructure for utilities
  • Supports for bridges and overpasses
  • Construction on high water tables
  • Structures on flood plains
  • Retrofitting old homes

Helix anchors also offer key benefits over other types of foundations. First, helical piles are preassembled and don’t require concrete, meaning they can be installed in any kind of weather. Smaller work crews can install helical foundations, reducing completion times and overhead costs. Helical anchors are also better for the environment. They can be removed from the earth as easily as they’re inserted, and they displace less soil going in, meaning there’s less earth to haul out. Also, in marine projects, helical pilings are less disruptive for underwater life.

Contact Patriot Foundation Systems today for a free quote. Offering helical piles for customers in Florida, Georgia, the southeast and beyond, this company helps crews build strong foundations for all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential projects by manufacturing parts that last.