Helical Piles for Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama & the Southeast United States

Helical piles from Patriot Foundation Systems are used for foundation projects in construction industries such as residential, utility, telecom and solar, and we have high capacity piles used by commercial contractors to stop cracking from deep foundation settling. Engineers are on hand at Patriot Foundation Systems to provide technical information and support. In addition to helical piles, we manufacture a full line of high quality foundation products such as underpinning push pins, tie-back rods, guy anchors, brackets and caps.

Solar energy use has soared in recent years. Solar panels manufactured during only one fiscal quarter produce the amount of energy equivalent to 17 nuclear or power plants. Helical piles from Patriot Foundation Systems provide the best solution for solar panel foundation installations for the following reasons and more: 

  • Saves time and money
  • Limited environmental impact
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to remove
  • Recyclable

Used in solar foundations, our high capacity piles are shorter than other types of piles driven or drilled into the ground and save time and money. Using piles from Patriot Foundations Systems for solar panel installation is more eco-friendly, because concrete is not needed, soil removal is unnecessary and our piles are recyclable. Freezing temperatures or wet conditions can often slow down or stop solar panel installation, but a major benefit of our piles is that they can be installed in any weather condition.

Patriot Foundation Systems is committed to providing quality cost-effective products and outstanding customer service and support. All of our products are manufactured to industry standards, galvanized and built to last. There are no minimum order requirements, and 2-day delivery of our helical piles and any of our other products is available throughout the southeast. Contact us today to learn more about using our helical piles or other foundation system products on your next solar project in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama or surrounding southeastern United States.