Helical Screw Anchors for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina & Neighboring States

When a more environmentally friendly solution is required for mooring systems, Patriot Foundation Systems has you covered. Projects that include our Helix Mooring Systems of helical screw anchors, helical tieback anchors and helical piles are considered a more environmentally friendly option, when compared to traditional mooring systems. Several state agencies have even recommended the use our anchors for projects. Less dirt is displaced during drilling, and screw anchors and tieback anchors don’t disturb the local ecosystem by dragging along the bottom of the water or soil. Patriot Foundation Systems designs, manufactures and distributes a complete line of high quality helical products that are cost-effective and built to last.

Unlike traditional pile or mushroom anchors, our helical screw anchors have 4-5 times more holding strength, and insurance companies often offer incentives for using helical moorings because of the effectiveness of these products in hurricane prone locations. All of our products are galvanized to ASTM A123 standards, and our manufacturing facilities are ISO certified. For earth retention applications, Patriot Foundation Systems helical tieback anchors are pre-engineered for performance excellence.

Our Helix Mooring Systems provide permanent mooring solutions for the following:

  • Boats
  • Floating docks
  • Buoys
  • Fixed piers
  • Seawalls
  • Pipelines

In addition to providing solutions for mooring applications, Patriot Foundation Systems products can be found in new construction and foundation repair projects in the residential, commercial and industrial industries. Utility companies use our products for guy anchoring, tower foundations and more. Our solar panel mounting systems are being used more often than traditional solar supports in applications such as solar farms. Because installation can be done quickly in any weather condition, they are easy to remove. They are also recyclable.

For specifications or other information on helical screw anchors for your mooring project in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina or other neighboring states, contact a Patriot Foundation Systems specialist today.