Pin Piles For Those In Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi & Neighboring States

Mr. Warren Neumann, a Vietnam Veteran, founded Patriot Foundation Systems in 2011 in a 14,000 sq. ft. distribution center and warehouse in San Antonio, Florida. Patriot’s stated mission is to supply their end-users with competitively priced, superior quality helical piles and helical tieback systems.  They also have established dependable logistics to transport products rapidly and effectively to their installers.

Pin piles, push pins and underpinning all contribute to strengthening an existing building’s foundation. Pin piles are high-capacity, small diameter, grouted and drilled piles, ideal for constructing foundations on sites with poor ground conditions. They are well-suited for arresting ground movements, increasing the capacity of existing foundations and for foundation underpinning.

Pin piles:

  • Are also called minipiles and are better suited than other deep foundation elements such as drilled shafts or driven piles when underpinning restoration of existing structures is required
  • Provide added foundation capacity to mats or footings with low bearing capacity
  • Provide both lateral earth retention and vertical underpinning
  • Give support for undermined or distressed structures resulting from catastrophic events, such as burst pipes, erosion, mine subsidence and landslides
  • Add load capacity to allow the addition of a new structure

Pin piles can fit into tight spaces, and are economical as well. They also ensure that drilling is vibration-free and quiet. The use of micropiles for building foundations is growing exponentially, and Patriot is the new construction foundations company ready to supply them.

If you are interested in pin piles and foundation system products, contact us to make us your new construction foundations company of choice. We are proud to serve Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the entire southeast.