Screw Foundations for Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina & Other Coastal States

If you use traditional piles and anchors in all of your foundation related projects, you might be interested to know that the helical screw foundations from Patriot Foundation Systems can save you valuable time and money. Switching to foundation screws is not only a more cost-effective alternative but, in most applications, they provide a stronger and more environmentally friendly foundation solution.

Many industry professionals wrongly believe that screw foundations are new. Actually, this type of technology was used way back in the 1800s. One of the reasons that more and more foundation projects are now specifying foundation screws and other helical system components is because of the advancements in torque equipment needed for the installation of these foundations.

Now, the entire installation process of screw foundations is less costly than traditional foundations. A few of the reasons substantial cost savings are realized on helical system installations include the following and more:

  • Eliminates special equipment and equipment operator costs
  • Concrete costs eliminated
  • Little site preparation necessary
  • Easier and faster installations, reducing labor costs
  • Minimal site impact requires little, if any, clean-up

You may also see an increase in business when you offer clients our foundation products. Many individuals and corporations are concerned about the environment and make a point of choosing products and services that are less harmful to the earth. Helical foundation and mooring systems from Patriot Foundation Systems are more environmentally friendly than other foundation systems. Excavation, soil removal or other damage to the surrounding area is not necessary for the installation of our helical foundations, and our helical anchors don’t drag along the bottom of sensitive waterways. Most importantly, foundation screws and other components are easily removed and recyclable.

If you have projects in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and other coastal states, contact one of the screw foundations experts at Patriot Foundation System to learn more about our products and services.