Screw Pile Foundations for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia & Beyond

Whether you need to shore up existing utility or communication towers or build new ones, you can save time and money by using helical screw pile foundations from Patriot Foundation Systems. Engineered to provide the best support for guy wires, platforms, transmission towers, street lighting and more, our pier foundation products have become the foundation system of choice by communication and utility professionals throughout the world.

Patriot Foundation Systems is a family owned and operated business founded by general contractor and professional builder Warren Neumann. His desire to provide an additional helical pier foundation option to other professionals in the field, such as installers, engineers and contractors, has led to our ISO certified manufacturing facilities producing innovative helix solutions that are used by professionals throughout the world. We are proud to offer screw pile foundation and other helical products that exceed industry standards. Patriot Foundation Systems products are tested by and adhere to the quality assurance program of the International Code Council (ICC).

Although screw pile foundations require less steel than conventional foundations, our anchors are high-capacity and can support loads in excess of 300 KIP, which make them perfect for new construction projects and repairing or retrofitting existing foundations. When you use a pier foundation product from Patriot Foundation Systems, additional value-added benefits include:

  • Easy to install
  • Very little environmental impact
  • No time wasted for cure time
  • Installation can be completed in wet and freezing conditions
  • Load bearing immediately upon installation
  • Helical piles and anchors are removable

At Patriot Foundation Systems, we understand that every job is different. Some projects require custom solutions, and Patriot solutions can custom design helical products based on your specifications. We also know that some of your jobs are big, while some are small. We don’t want you to have to purchase more than you need for a project, so we don’t have any minimum order requirements.

With our well stocked inventory and  fast turnaround time, you will be ready for work on your screw pile foundations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and beyond in a matter of days. Contact us today to place your order.