Tie-back Systems In Florida, Georgia, The Southeast & Neighboring Regions

Helical tie-back systems are lateral foundation solutions for earth retention projects. To install these systems, helical anchors are screwed horizontally into the ground until they reach bedrock or load-bearing strata. The tie-back anchor is then attached to the anchor and mounted on whichever surface needs to be stabilized. These anchoring systems hold their integrity under pressure from soil, rock and water, and they’re highly useful when repairing or retrofitting walls in old homes with settled foundations.

Need help choosing the right products for your helical tie-back systems? Established in 1973, Patriot Foundation Systems can help you find the tie-backs and helical anchors you need to strengthen your walls and foundations. Tie-back foundation systems have a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial applications, and often these systems are easier to install than other traditional foundation options.

Some of the most common uses of helical tie-back foundation systems include:

  • Repairing or renovating aging basements
  • Roadway retention walls
  • Shoreline earth retention systems
  • Seawall repair and replacement
  • Retaining walls in residential areas

Helical tie-back systems offer several advantages over other foundations. First, the pre-engineered anchors are ready to use immediately, and second, they can be installed in any kind of weather. Smaller work crews can install these horizontal foundations, making them even more cost-effective. Helical foundations are better for the environment because they displace less soil and require less waste to be hauled from worksites. Most importantly, helical anchor foundations and tie-backs are extremely reliable; they’re much less likely to sink or shift over time, preserving the integrity of your structure.

Contact Patriot Foundation Systems today and get free quotes on tie-back systems and helical foundation products for your upcoming construction projects. We provide helical anchors and other pile products to customers in Florida, Georgia, the southeast and in neighboring region. Also, we maintain a drop-shipping network and are able to distribute our products to customers abroad. The sales team at Patriot Foundation Systems is waiting to connect you with tie-back and foundation products today.