Utility Helical Anchors for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama & Beyond

Utility industry professionals know that supporting guy wires, transmission towers, street lighting and other structures is of utmost importance to the safety and stability of not only the structure, but also the general public. Utility helical anchors from Patriot Foundation Systems are manufactured and designed to support structures in excess of 300 KIP. When our utility helical anchors are used on a project, you can save time and money, because our anchors are high-capacity and require less steel to support loads. They can also be installed in any type of weather conditions including freezing temperatures and rain, so there is no time wasted waiting for the weather to improve. In addition, curing time is eliminated because concrete is no longer used.

Boating enthusiasts, marina owners and environmentalists praise the Helix Mooring Systems manufactured by Patriot Foundation Systems.

The helical pier products in our system:

  • Provide superior strength
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Produce permanent anchoring solutions
  • Can be used in various conditions
  • Are effective in tropical storm and hurricane areas
  • Are safer to install

Often, discounts and incentives are even offered by insurance companies when helical pier products are used. In addition, some state agencies have given preference to these products for use in areas that are environmentally sensitive.

All Patriot Foundation Systems products are galvanized according to the ASTM A123 hot-dip zinc coating standards to provide a long-lasting solution. We manufacture our products to industry standards, and our facilities are ISO certified. Customization of our helical piling products is available for those with specific load and soil requirements.

At Patriot Foundation Systems, our mission is to provide industry professionals in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and beyond with the highest quality, most competitively priced utility helical anchors, helical piles, underpinning and tieback systems. For a quote on customizing any of our products to your individualized need, contact us today.